Filming with DriveTribe

Top Marques Car Hire have been working with DriveTribe a lot recently.

Our latest hire involved filming our stunning McLaren 720S around London.

One of our drivers was requested to drive to certain locations throughout central London to get the perfect shots for a promotion that a company in America would be giving one away (

The shoot was instructed in the UK purely because this is where all McLaren’s are built so it seems very apt that they would like to show off this stunning country by showcasing what its biggest city has to offer.

We set off to the first location where we managed to get this pretty amazing shot using the McLaren 720S’s built in 360 degree camera. On the way there, we got some pretty amazing beauty shots of the car driving down London’s roads.

music video car hire

One of our last locations was right next to the London Eye so we parked right in front of a beautiful tunnel that had been closed off for local artists to showcase their abilities and the majority had been instructed to create something that would highlight certain charities and good causes. Our last shot was taken right in front of the London Eye, driving past it and down past hundreds of on-lookers starring at this beautiful McLaren.


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